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Where’s the comms plan?

Have you ever worked on a transformation programme and been asked for a comms plan but the PMO has no programme plan?

I thought so.

Well it looks like the PMO have done it again (that’s the Prime Minister’s Office, not Programme Management Office)

Her Majesty’s Government Communications Plan was published on 19 May setting out the commitment to produce campaigns and other communications to support the Government’s three priorities:

  1. Providing economic security
  2. Protecting our national security
  3. Extending opportunity

Despite the arguments around the EU referendum largely centred around these three priorities, there is only this brief reference to this seminal event on page 12 of the 38-page document:

The Prime Minister’s Office (PMO) will work across government to ensure the people of the UK have the information they need to understand the Government’s position on the benefits of EU membership and to make an informed decision in the Referendum vote.

As far as I can tell, the actual PMO’s communication plan consisted of a strapline, a very expensive propaganda leaflet and an announcement of the change of leadership.

Ouch! the parallels with internal communications in large organisations is too painful to discuss.

It looks like they didn’t even have time to prepare an FAQ.

World class.

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