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TOP 10 IC predictions 2016

I know it’s a bit early but I thought I’d get in first with the internal communicator’s equivalent of the Old Farmer’s Almanac. That annual tradition of consultants trying to predict what the year ahead has in store for the world of IC.

You won’t be disappointed or surprised that I will present a contrary view to others. Allow me to share my Top 10 predictions.

Prediction #1 from the “Social Media Strategists” – adoption of ESNs and Mobile Apps will increase as enterprise learns the power of collaboration.

Prediction #2 from the “Integrationists” – more generalist skills are required to drive an integrated approach to enable enterprise.

Prediction #3 from the “Analysts” – creating new KPIs and analytics around Big Data on our people will get us a ticket to the “show and tell” sessions in the boardroom.

Prediction #4 from the “Culturevists” – enterprise will be turned upside down with the birth of holacracy and death of command and control structures.

Prediction #5 from the “Academics” – improved professional competency and standards will become top of the communicator’s agenda.

Prediction #6 from the “Propagandists” – more provision of channels for employees to become brand advocates.

Prediction #7 from the “Generationalists” – increasing death to deference as Gen Y, Gen Z, Gen WTF, Gen OMG enter the workplace.

And here is my list “the Pragmatist“…

Prediction #8 – Little innovation or game changing.

Prediction #9 – Lots of inane content presented in infographics.

Prediction #10 – Even more BS – pseudo science and half truths presented as wisdom.

But I’m more than happy to be proven wrong.  I’ve learned it is far better to be conventionally wrong than unconventionally right in this game.

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