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State of Employee Communications & Engagement Practice Report Nov 2015

Mission accomplished. Report published within 9 days of fielding questionnaire.

The research consisted of an on-line survey with  community of  self-reported internal communications and employee engagement practitioners between 11 November and 18 November 2015. There were 263 validated responses.

The primary purpose of this report is to ‘lift the lid’ on the practice of employee communications, and provide data that will help practitioners benchmark their areas of focus and ‘raise the bar’.

The objectives of the research were to garner insights from practitioners’ perceptions of:

  1. current areas of focus and future aspirations
  2. perceived barriers to achieving future aspirations
  3. suggestions for overcoming perceived barriers

The research was based on 4 design principles:

  1. Keep it simple. The survey was quick and easy to complete, 16 questions in 3 sections:
  • How are you organised? Sector, number of employees, reporting lines and team size;
  • How do you spend your time? Activities, content, channels, highest and lowest priorities;
  • How could you do a better job? As above plus barriers and ideas for improvement.
  1. Eat our own dog food. Employee communications and engagement practitioners have realised the advantage of garnering employee insights from quick pulse surveys rather than  behemothic surveys with long lead times. It would be slightly paradoxical to conduct a survey amongst practitioners and resort to an old-fashioned methodology of two months field research followed by two months to produce a report. Pure, raw insight, no polish, no glitter.
  2. No soft sell. It doesn’t feel right that the community who generated the insights should register their contact details, attend a launch event or pay for a conference ticket to receive the report. It’s all yours.  Feel free to peruse  it, share it, like it, and, of course, apply it!
  3. Actionable insights. Hopefully the insights generated will help you make improvements and close the gap between what you do and what you want to do.

Headline findings:

  • MARKET – practitioners want to switch their main focus to understanding employees’ needs
  • ME TIME – practitioners want to double the time spent on their professional development
  • MEDIUM – practitioners want to increase use of ESNs and mobile apps as a substitute for email and intranet usage
  • MESSAGE – practitioners want to use less column inches on functional updates and change and focus more on vision and strategy
  • MEASUREMENT – the lowest priority for practitioners but a desire to increase effort in this arena

Biggest barrier to progress? – Leadership (commitment, appreciation, understanding, capability)

Biggest enabler? Practitioners need to work smarter, not harder.

See full report here:


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